Highland Hills Sanitary District

General Information About Highland Hills Sanitary District  

The Highland Hills Sanitary District is operated by a private company and is responsible for providing sanitary sewer service to the area under its jurisdiction. This area is located in Lombard, between Roosevelt Road to the North; Meyers Road to the East; 22nd Street to the South; and Main Street Lombard to the West. The board governs the affairs and business of the Sanitary District.

Highland Hills will be providing a "Shredding" Event for our customers on Saturday May 7th, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

More details to follow! 

Hydrant Flushing ....April 11th, 2016 

The hydrant-flushing program is very important to the maintenance of the District’s water distribution system. Each year, our technicians systematically open hydrants throughout the District to allow water to flow at a high velocity through the distribution mainlines. This operation serves the following purposes:

· Enhances water quality by removing sediments from inside the mainline and flushing them out through the hydrant.

· Identifies malfunctions of the hydrant and related valves.

· Helps determine weaknesses in the water distribution system.

· Identifies inadequate water volumes and pressures in the mainlines.

· Helps determine fireflows at the hydrant.

You may encounter the following conditions during hydrant flushing operations:

· A temporary drop in the water pressure to your home or business.

· Rusty brown, or cloudy water. (Discolored water is not harmful. These conditions will subside in a few hours after the flushing is completed.) Read on...